I'm Jordan and I- CHEATED ON MY MATH TEST - ISFP ( )
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No, fuck you. I was worth it.

and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via softhued)

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i keep laughing at how crazy diamond keeps being referred to as ‘crazy d’

josuke higashikata’s crazy d

and his best friend the hand

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I think deep inside we’d all love to have a Smash game with an all-female cast. That would seriously kick ass. Take notes, Nintendo!
Can you name all characters present here?

The Pokemon ‘Jigglypuff’ is featured in this picture. However this creates a problem with the intention of the picture. It was stated that “I think deep inside we’d all love to have a Smash game with an all-female cast.”

Now isn’t it odd that Jigglypuff is found here. That fact raises a contradiction between the statement and the picture. Jigglypuff is recorded to have a 25% chance of being born male.

I’m shocked someone as fashionable as you can’t see something so obvious.  Maybe you need to update your wardrobe.

Looking at the evidence of Jigglypuff’s alternative costumes, we can see that the majority of them are accessories from female characters in the series, such as Serena and Nurse Joy

While the gender ratio isn’t 100% female, it’s rather obvious that Jigglypuff is intended to be female in the games.
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